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Aline & Howie/ Mishkanim-Messianic Music: Bio

Our Path - The Scoop

We are currently touring internationally, recording, performing concerts and training young musicians/singers. We perform original and popular tunes with a world R&B, jazz, cutting edge folk sound, and also offer song writing, vocal, guitar, and hand drumming workshops. Collectively we have travelled the globe including most of Western Europe, India, Africa, Australia, Asia as well as the US, Canada, Mexico, The Caribbean, and Israel, performing and teaching in the sacred and secular arenas including: nightclubs, restaurants, festivals (including “Bereshith Festival” on the Sea of Galilee in Israel), prayer houses, churches, coffee houses, pubs, performance halls, etc.

We love to see new places and experience different cultures, We can stay in the finest of hotels or pitch a tent on the beach. We enjoy playing with other musicians from around the world, learning new languages, and eating great ethnic foods. We love to lend our gifts for the cause of the poor and the less fortunate. We have great fun together, and are grateful for a committed marriage relationship. We encourage people we meet, young and old, to seek the kingdom of Elohim and His righteousness, believing that all our needs of life will be met. We have not stored up treasures for ourselves on this earth, but seek to store Heavenly treasures- looking forward to the life that is to come.

Her Story - Singer, Songwriter, Artist, Wife

How We Met

Her Path
In February 2006 I was ready for a change. I had not been on a international tour for more than 3 years and though I enjoyed certain aspects of my life in Spring Hill TN , USA, I needed a new adventure. I was operating successfully as a commercial artist, well known in my community, while also playing music out in local venues quite regularly. I was even hosting a songwriters night at a local café. The previous year had been an interesting one to say the least and I was hoping to return abroad.

During some IM conversations with a few international friends over the internet I received an invitation to Wales where 4 of us single women from four different countries decided to meet for prayer and a great house-sitting opportunity. I kicked it into high gear and did extra work to get the money for the ticket and to sustain my month long absence. Friends and co-laborers contributed to the over-all cost of the trip, and with words of encouragement, revelation, and intrigue- they sent me on my way. I never thought much about going to Wales though I knew it was steeped in a rich spiritual heritage. My final thoughts upon departure were, “God, I cant come back to life as usual in America.”

I arrived in London on March 2, and caught a train with my Swedish Friend Marianne to the far west coast of Wales. After a bizarre, and long hard day of travel through the wintry mix of rain and snow, we arrived in Beulah. On march 4th I was invited to pop over and lay some vocal tracks on a recording some locals were doing. That day I met Howie. He and his “mate” John were in desperate need of some song arranging and vocal assistance. My Latvian Friend Ilze and I spent the rest of the afternoon hangin’ out with them and sharing songs. They shared an interesting story about a ram they had found caught in a fence that morning. I was immediately pondering Howie though he didn’t seem at first like someone I would be attracted to. The next day we led praise in the congregation, all of us together. After four days I felt God speaking to me that he was a match for me! He confessed the same. After two weeks we were engaged on Purim, then several weeks later we were married at the end of Passover. We packed up Howie’s apartment and two weeks later we headed off to North Wales for a little honeymoon. Then to London, then to the US for one month (to pack up my house and meet my folks), then back to London, then back to Wales, then to Israel.

Now we are spending half of each year in Israel and the other half in Wales, playing music, recording, travelling worldwide and doing our best to obey the scriptures!

That is the short version of our happy little tale. I look forward to sharing more about our adventures as time goes on.....

His Story - Musician, Songwriter, Husband

In 2003 I had a life changing suprise encounter with Yeshua ( Jesus) who appeared to me in a vision as I camped out in an English field , proclaiming that He was "the way , the truth and the life !"

Over a year after I'd begun my "new life " I asked The Almighty, “Hey ! What’s the story about a wife?” He clearly replied, “She’s not here yet but she’ll be coming over from a far away land!”

  I had heard Him say before  “You are going to meet and work with a woman who can really sing.” So when I heard from friends in Beulah that a good singer and her friends were coming from various countries to house-sit for six weeks. I was keen to meet them!

A friend  was down to lay some tracks for his CD at my place. On Friday we had been out recording waterfall and wave sounds at Mwnt Beach here on the southwest coast of Wales. We composed a song based on Psalm 43 and both felt it needed a female voice.

Early the next morning we walked a bridle path in awe of the early morning mist mingling with the sunshine and hovering over the lush valley. We agreed it was a truly “Biblical “ scene moments later when we rescued a ram caught in a fence. Later we arranged for this “great singer” to visit, so we could get a good vocal track for the song. We all worked together on arranging and refining the “water” song, among others, well into the evening, discovering that the very Psalm we were working from was printed on the back cover of Aline’s recorded CD- Into The Deep.


En route to a Delirious concert just three days after our first meeting. we both felt something serious was happening. We didn’t stop talking the entire two hour journey. Aline was taking a gamble as she didn’t have a ticket for the probably sold out show, and I had decided I would give her my ticket if need be. We were most happy when upon arriving at the venue is Swansea a kind soul came down the long queue offering not only the needed ticket, but a free one! That was the night we felt we were meant to be partners…

With shaky knees and great anticipation, I received my bride in a little Welsh Chapel at a spontaneous ceremony with just two friends, while she held a little bunch of wild daffodils from the chapel yard. My boyhood in Wimbledon, London seemed like ancient history at that moment. I had travelled so many miles, seen and done so much, all leading up to that day and the life we are now living. The son of a London police officer and his bride, I became a world sojourner at the age of 18. For the next five years I travelled the globe, sometimes with barely the shirt on my back. I worked American summer camps, picked bananas on Kibbutz in the Middle East, taught English in Thailand, India, and did other jobs in Australia, Africa, and most of Europe. I was an explorer.

I loved playing music in different cultures and went to Zimbabwe in 1990 to immerse myself in African music. A year spent in India had also been a big musical influence ,hearing sitar concerts in Varanasi.

Most of the '90s were spent travelling  as part of a European/Celtic folk dance band . We were also a nomadic tribe living gypsy style travelling the south-west  of England with horses, donkeys and handcarts !

 It was wondeful to see all the traditional dancing and when I met Yeshua of course I yearned to see this be used as worship . So I'm filled with joy now to see  dance  restored  as an offering to the One who is worthy !