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Aline & Howie/ Mishkanim-Messianic Music: Invite us to Your Gathering

Invite us to your gathering!!

Posted on December 9, 2009

Guidelines for inviting the Artist(s) to your group

Pray about it first! Invite us, we'll pray about it too! We generally travel just the two of us, but love to play with other musicians. If you know a good bass player and a drummer, or other players nearby who can learn quickly and improvise, put us in contact with them, or invite them around.

Transportation – It is customary to pay for the artist's transportation costs. This may involve an airline flight and/or a rental car. If the artist(s) is driving his/her own vehicle, we recommend paying fuel costs/travel dining.  The artist(s) can provide receipts for these.

Lodging –It is also customary to pay for accommodations. You may wish to offer lodging in a private residence.  If so, a respectful way of approaching this suggestion is to ask the artist(s) if he/she would prefer to stay in a hotel or in a private room in the residence of one of the hosts.  Also check with the artist(s) regarding any pet allergies.  Heavy chemical room deodorizers should also be avoided.

FoodMeals should be provided, and may be prepared by the host group, or through visiting a local restaurant. Check with the speaker for any dietary restrictions.  Remember while artist(s) are travelling, genuinely healthy options for meals can be scarce- and other foods are abundant, especially when holding pot luck type meals.  Make sure there are plenty of truly healthy choices.  If you are unsure what is truly healthy, please ask the artist(s).

Materials for sale – The hosting group should provide a convenient location for the artist(s) to offer materials for sale.  And the host(s) should remind the attendees frequently about the "marketplace"- as this is how many of the artist(s) make their living.  Convictions vary on the nature of making edifying materials available to folks on the Sabbath.  This can be handled in creative ways. Be sure to discuss this with the artist(s) and come to a mutual agreement.  Additionally a member of the hosting group could offer to receive payment on behalf of the speaker.

Fee – Some Artists have a set fee, while others will come for a love offering.  Sometimes it can be a combination of both, implementing a minimum amount in case the offerings are low.  Ask the speaker for his/her preferences as procedures may vary depending on the situation.   It is generally not appropriate to expect  that the artist(s) come for the privilege of selling their merchandise- as they have previously invested time and materials to create their merchandise.  Their talents and time while visiting your group have value, and are separate from the sale of merchandise.