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Aline & Howie/ Mishkanim-Messianic Music: Links

You Can Handle the Truth

I thought the facts of Hebrew roots were nicely explained on Josette's site.  I have not read every word, and cannot declare that I agree with everything being said, but that is what is lovely about the Hebrew way of  thinking and cooperating.  I dont have to agree with everything one thinks and says to be  a brother/sister.  the reader/listener must depend on the Holy Spirit of YHWH within them to discern what is truth.  Somethings are not worth arguing about and we will know when we know- when Messiah returns!!

Art Sites

Art Images by Aline featured on Red Bubble Art Community Site
A site designated to help artists get their works before the eyes and into the hands of the international public!

Good Teaching

Wild Branch Ministries

Great bible teaching from the original hebrew words

Evolution is bad science!! great teaching on science and the Bible and how they are in agreement

Great Music and Musicians


Creation Calendar
A good resource for biblical/creation calendar to know the times and the seasons of YHVH!


Hebrew Nation Radio

great radio broadcast and streaming with teachings and midrash from many great Torah teachers!


Soldiers in An Ancient War, Youtube Video
This is a link to a video montage Aline created.


More photos from the travels of Aline & Howie George (use password Yeshua)