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Aline & Howie/ Mishkanim-Messianic Music: Music


(Mishkanim (Aline & Howie))
November 15, 2011
Aline & Howie

The recurring tune used is a traditional  wedding dance from Transylvania , perfect for Hora/ grapevine , so no excuse for the men not to dance to this foot stomper !  Could be called folk- techno !!!

Howie loved to play this tune in his "old life" in a  European folk dance band and was amazed to  finally discover it was Jewish  after seeing a great clip of  it at Yad Vashem ( Holocaust museum , Jerusalem) used to show the "good times "

Elohey Avraham, Elohey Yitsak ,  v’elohey Yacov
Elohey ked- em
(trans - El of Abraham , Isaac & Jacob
eternal El)

Elohey chasdi Elohim Avinu
Tze’ mak tzadeek Go’el Y’israel
(El of kindness , my Father El
righteous branch , El of Israel )

Ha shavat h’akol , l’tikuno
Restoration of all things