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Aline & Howie/ Mishkanim-Messianic Music: News Journal

problem with the button... - September 5, 2011

I am sorry but there is a problem with the donation buttons on this website which I am not currently able to solve.  PLease visit and send money via the email address-  You can use paypal to send money by debit/credit card even if you dont have a paypal acount.  sorry,  aline.

Many have asked... - September 5, 2011

Many have asked how to make a donation to our ministry and Recording fund. The button is burried back at the bottom of the products page!  I am inserting it here for this entry, but we dont like the website to focus on asking people for money.  those who are willing, give as the spirit leads.

Coming up this summer!! - June 26, 2011

 Please join us some where this summer for some great Hebrew Roots Music

Coming up this week:

June 29th Weds.  Promise Land fellowship Athens GA, call for details-  or call us 941-962 1101

July 1   Friday - One with Israel Event   Maryville, TN

July 1-3  Friday- Sunday  MIA Boot Camp Maryville, TN

July 9 Friday  Whitwell, TN   for info: call Judy Hamilton for location info   423-421-1221    


Call for other nearby dates or to invite us to your congregation 941-962-1101


Heading West Again! - June 25, 2011

In August we will be heading west again and looking forward to visting and re-visiting some great congregations out there.   We are planning to visit Oregon, Utah, Arizona, California, Idaho and others.   If you live  in any of these locations and would like to host an event please email us or call 941-962-1101

  Flyer for Shebrews Conference- Potland Oregon

Free Download!! - May 20, 2011

Download the latest version of our new song "Returning" for a limited time.  Visit our music page today, find the "Returning Song", right click and choose "Save target as" to download.  enjoy!!

Our new Single "Returning Song"  preview the Hebrew Roots music event of 2011.  Contact us for instructions on how to record music and video footage of your congregation or family singing the returning song.  All submission will be considered for use, and  all submissions will be mentioned whether included in the final recording or not. 

From Abilene Texas, en route to Odessa.

ALine & Howie

Mishkanim Summer Schedule - May 10, 2011

Hi all, sorry I didnt have time to put all this on ourdates page, but here is our schedule so far this summer.  Look forward to seeing you all!


Mishkanim Summer Schedule

May 13         Oklahoma City, OK- Lion and Lamb Fellowship


May 15- 22  Big sandy, TX- Family Week with the Wallers


May 23         GLC Round Up encore, Odessa TX


May 25         Albequerque NM, with Dennis Otero


May 28         Montrose, CO-


May 29         Grand Junction, CO- Enterprise Community Hall (Fruita)


June 3           Lake City, FL- Kol Ha Mashiach


June 27-29   MIA Boot Camp, Knoxville TN

July               open for bookings

Aug 19-21    Portland, OR - T2TN Shebrews Conference

Tune in to GLC on May 9th! - April 21, 2011


On May 9th join Aline & Howie on GLC (God's Learning Channel out of Odessa Texas) for a live broad cast "Light of the Southwest" featuring music and other prgramming.  Contact GLC for more info 

Also sign up for the MIA boot camp in Knoxville this June Aline and Howie will be leading some of the praise sessions- request more!!

Aline and Howie are also planning to join the fun at the Waller's Family week in Texas this May. 

Are you a young (or old!) musician who wants to learn how to lead praise and worship or just improve your instrument/voice skills? Would you like to be trained up to be a light in the secular creative marketplace? Contact Aline & Howie for more information. Let s prepare and equip more creative artists to get out there and be light among the nations through the arts.

Now Available in Paperback! - April 21, 2011

Flutterby Cafe Book Cover Art Now available in paper back!! The Flutterby Cafe by Aline.  A novel for children and families is now in stock and ready to ship.  $13.00 plus 2.75 shipping/handling.  Email for discounts for quantities of 10 or more.   

In addition to Hebrew Roots praise music we love expressing YHWH's gifts through other  creative arts like painting, beading, graphic design, creative writing. you name it, we'll try it!  It is such a great way to show forth His Glory in the earth as a witness and light to the nations.  The spirit of Elijah is bursting forth and will use all means available to turn the hearts of the children back to the fathers, back to the Torah.

When people engage in Messianic or folk dances to our music we are convinced that we are participating in the spiritual awakening that is taking place in our generation.  When people hear the music, read the books, or buy the art work, we beleive that YHWH is being glorified and can reveal Himself to someone as he does in all of creation.




Preparing for the Road - March 21, 2011

P3180010_resized.JPGP3180043_resized.JPG  P3180005_resized.JPG  P3180008_resized.JPG P3180020_resized.JPG


It seems we are in this ebb and flow of preparation and release.  As the weeks pass we prepare and then we go, we prepare and then we go.  In a couple weeks we will be going again!  I have been painting and making cards, adding to my inventory of Hebrew Roots artwork.  In addition to filling ourselves up with good teaching from the scriptures, we continue to pray and seek direction for the coming months.

We've been invited to be on GLC the first week of May, and will travel around in Texas, Tenn, Georgia and Kentucky on that round of touring.  If it goes well and the right transportation is provided we will head out west after that!!

We are starting to get some clarity on the recording plan also. There seems to always be a need for good hebrew roots music , as well as music that is a witness and a light to the nations.

On a domestic note, my Basil and Rosemary are sprouting well, but still no sign of the Lavender which was planted at the same time.  growing is not my special gift, but I'm giving it  a try.

My bird feeders and birdbath however, are visited daily by a number of birds which give me a chuckle and a smile.  Cardinals, Blue Jays, Woodpeckers, Doves, and a few cute little birds I dont recognize but enjoy just the same.   Unfortunately a few other hungry animals have visited the feeders in the night leaving a big mess!

Anyway, we press in and press on just like the rest of Yah's family, doing our best to grow in faith and character, staying focused and loving eachother beyond doctrinal issues and other hiccups in the messianic movement.  Please let us know how you are and invite us to fellowship and praise with you.

Be blessed and bless others. Follow the instructions of our creator and enjoy the blessings of obedience.



Inspiration - January 10, 2011

We thought you might enjoy this video- The singing is amazing. we cannot verify all the information, but we understand most of it to be biblically and historically correct.  We would liketo make one point about the 3rd or 4th comment regarding the long term people of the land- they were hebrews from all the tribes of Jacob not just Jews from the tribe of Judah.  Also there were other people groups.  We encourage everyone to study the scriptures in regards to the land of Israel, how it relates to us and the end of days for all who follow Messiah.


Shalom Shalom,


Flo Flo Flo - January 9, 2011

So, almost 2 weeks since our last tour, I am enjoying the routine of "home", and Howie is ready to roll again.   We are glad to see the "season" fade into the distance and feel the momentum and rhythm of the Kingdom return to its own times and seasons as set forth by Yah

So many questions these days, so much watching of wordly events and signs of the times.  It is a challenge to stay in balance, remaining steadfast in our "work" yet ever watchful and hopefully keeping our lamps full!

We are beginning to tune in to what the Father has next for us, and the weeks in America are passing faster and faster.  We long to remain but are eager to go to the nations also.  It will be interesting to see things unfold over these next couple months.  We always apreciate your prayers as led by the Ruach, and your encouragment.

thought you might  find this amusing also!


Remember the current blog question as to what we should record next.  Please let us here from you if you have time. "Highways and Byways" or "Restoration". We hope both will have great impact in their respective targets, the marketplace, or the messianic music scene.

Shalom, Shalom.

on the eve of my 47th birthday - December 31, 2010

well here I am, as the world is gearing up for a big night of purposeless partying, I prepare for a nice dinner out with my husband of 5 years, reflecting and astonished at the fact that I have been in this mortal body for almost half a century.


It’s quiet on the birthday front, except for the annoying worldly preparations going on in the crowded South Florida restaurant. We have come for some tasty fish and chips, (a reminder of our life in the UK, though they are better here). We are not much into celebrating birthdays, but I guess we are practicing for my up-coming jubilee.


I have to ask myself, “What have I been doing for the past 50 years”? There have been some amazing seasons, and some amazingly wasted seasons. I really hope the next wave will be filled with more kindness, wisdom, and synchronicity with the Ruach of YHWH.


Its too bad that it takes so long to learn certain lessons. Perhaps it wouldn’t be so if true discipleship were flowing in the body of Messiah. but we cant change our histories; and, as I am reminded again, and again, the Father will use it all for some good eternal purpose.

What I hope to accomplish in the next decade includes some things which have eluded me in my younger years due to procrastination, immaturity, lack of resources, timing, or other reasons; while also walking out of new visions and assignments, with integrity.  It sounds like a lot, but if one removes the tares which suck the life out of one's day (like TV, Too much sleep, too much food, foolish arguments, too much internet surfing), then after an infusion of His presence grace and life abound for all that He wants to bring forth.

I hope to record more of the music the father has given me, though it is a costly profession, I think it is a good expression that touches people. I hope to finish my first children’s novel (only a couple weeks away from completion), and also a couple unfinished book projects from a couple years back that are nagging at me.


Amidst all these little projects and more, I am looking forward to traveling to more nations around the globe singing and making music with Howie and sharing the glory of the holy scriptures with everyone Yah brings our way.


Today I am so grateful for this time in Florida (a gift from the Father), remembering who I am, getting back in shape, enjoying the sunshine and the sea, working and preparing for the next season in a great environment .


I have to say a big thank you to my friends and others who have been in my journey, sharpening, healing, teaching, and encouraging me. I know without a doubt that you have help to make me who I am today. If I have hurt you, please forgive me, if I have blessed you, praise Yah!. If you have hurt me, you are forgiven, I you have blessed me, praise Yah.


We are on the Way, the Way everlasting, and I look to the day when I can give up this mortal body and fully return “home” with all the family of our Messiah and the Father in heaven.


Shalom, Shalom.



The Ebb and Flow - December 13, 2010

We are in a 5 day ebb at the house here in Port Charlotte, FL.  Friday we will flow again, heading out to Waynesville GA, Wilkesboro NC, Athens GA, and Lake City FL.   

We had a nice day visiting my father in Ft. Myers.  He was kind enough to take us (and a friend) out for a little boat ride in the bay around Sanibel Island.  The wind picked up and the rains came just as we came back in.  I cooked up some fried green tomatoes, and we caught up on all the news with my dad. 

 We are practicing music this week  for the possible recording of our next CD in Jan/Feb.  We are budgeting, planning, and arranging the songs.   We cant decide whether we want to do another praise project or "Highways and Byways" our all original non-worship collection for cafe's and festivals.  Perhaps we can do a survey? what do you think?  Visit the Blog page- we've started a blog just for this issue!!

Would be great if someone had a good studio and some production expertise that we could collaborate with for a reasonable price.  We believe the father will provide all our needs for these projects.


On the Goooooooo - December 8, 2010

Hey all, we are on the go, and now I really dont have time to write much but next week we will have a couple days to catch you up on things. We are in Florida (not so warm after all), and moving like the wind from place to place. PLease let us know waht is happening with all of you. Invites us to your gathering!! ALine

Just in the Nick of Time! - November 4, 2010

Hey friends,

Just as the leaves are finishing their turn here in Ireland, so are we.   Today was a chili 55 degree high with blustery rain.  I felt like winnie the pooh. 

We have been invited to do a little tour in Florida this December; which, after hours of prayer and deliberation we said, "yes".  It comes just in time for me to escape the northern european winter. It is nice when the father is merciful on me, and my pitiful intolerance for the cold.  Every year I do humbly submit that I will remain in the cold if that is His desire, so far so good, as we have only spent about 5 weeks in any winter climate in 5 years.  And even that season was unnecessary.

So USA here we come again.  The CD we recorded in Florida this spring is picking up momentum and every day we get an order in, or a report of dancers using the music.  That makes us happy!! We are looking forward to leading praise and dancing with all of you around the world.  It also sets us free from the geographical bounds of employment!! hows that for a phrase.  We are slowly becoming self supporting, along with the wonderful un-solicited contributions of those who believe in what we are carrying to the nations. We thank you, and bless you. We been able to pour out a lot more this year, spiritually and practically.  We have the joy these weeks of giving, giving, giving.

We hope to record some more while in the USA, and have written a special new song which we feel will be a strong follow up to the CD, it is actually the title song which I had not finished in time for the CD!!  So perhaps the next printing will have a surprise on it.  Any way the single will be made available as soon as it is finished.

We hope to complete a "marketplace" project this winter which will open some other opportunities for outreach, travel, and more.

Any way, we look forward to catching up with all of you in America, let us know if you are having a gathering or would like to put on a gathering of some kind for your congregation or community. Perhaps we can help.

Shalom, Shalom

Aline & Howie


8 Days in Berlin - October 3, 2010


Here we are on our 5th day in Berlin.  It has been great.  We arrived from Dublin weds afternoon and led a celebration that evening for the last day of Tabernacles with a beautifully mixed group, some mature believers, some street people, some in-between.  The folllowing night we were celebrating Simchat Torah at a messianic Synangogue with another mix of people including some new Israeli friends we met on the train from the airport.   It was a joy for us to Praise Yah together.  Now, more opportunities have opened for us in Europe and we are going to continue this journey, serving in outreach to the poor and broken, encouraging the people of faith, sharing with people we meet along the way.  Hopefully releasing joy and hope in the music and dance, as well as conviction of the spirit in the deeper worship and intercession.

Perhaps in the winter we will continue our journey and look for some ways to bring hope to other people, in other countries, perhaps even visits some orphanages in countries which are less blessed than ours.  We want to feed the hungry, clothe the needy etc.  Our focus for  this next season will be REACH OUT, REACH OUT, REACH OUT in whatever capacity we find presented before us.  Now that He has equipped us, empowered us and filled us with His truth, we have to get back out in the fields.

So, It seems like I should say, "follow our blog, or journey", but it is my hope that you will be so busy reaching out in your own life that you wont have time to follow us! BTW, here is a new poster I designed which is also available in a 7 pack of greeting cards w/envelopes. Also great new tambourines on the way.





So You Want to Boycott Israel? - September 25, 2010

Cool as a Cucumber!! - August 12, 2010

While the rest of the world is suffering from heat waves and record high temperatures, YHWH has shown us His mercy while allowing us to be in Cool, partly sunny, Ireland.

As usual, too much time has passed since my last entry.  We have had an incredibly busy summer so far with more engagements than ever.  We just returned from 7 days in Wales at the Celebration for the Nations worship festival in Llanelli, followed by 3 days in Surrey enjoying family.  The week before we left Ireland we had a friday night service at Victory Outreach Center, our usual Saturday night open worship at The Haven, and then two gatherings the following sunday morning (Cobh) and evening (Good News Fellowship Cork City).

After a busy first week back we took an all day coastal drive in the south and camped out in a beautiful part of West Cork called Glengariff.  We are back in the city now and getting back into the flow of what the Father is doing here.  We love this city and the people.  Howie is getting plenty of work and I have my art studio all set up and have been very productive, in practical and spiritual things.

Now that "Celebration for the Nations" is behind us, our next project is to find a venue to celebrate the Fall Feasts of YHWH.  We hope to introduce this deeply important and biblical feast here, with teaching, praise and fellowship. 

News from the nations: A Radio station in Portland, Oregon for whom we did an interview has been promoting the CD  and bought 100 copies to sell at their local events!  And as of today, another station in Australia would like to feature our music and our story in a one hour show there.  So the Father is taking care of our business while we are doing our best to do His.

We are tuning in for this season, and He is refining all that he has been teaching us in these past years.  We see something brewing in the spirit here, and though we cannot begin to presume what the spirit is doing, we have an excitement and anticipation that keeps us steadfast and careful to hear strategically from the Father.  If we are participating in the arc of his presence coming into the city- we dont want to "touch" it.  Just keep praising and laying down the sacrifices.  He will do what he will do.

So, I hope to send out a update this week for the mailing list.  So many things to do- but want to stay in His flow for sure.  Blessings and shalom as you prepare yourselves for the coming feasts of Trumpets, Atonement and Tabernacles!!!!!  The glorious and beautiful seasons which show us his return.

Wayside Israel - August 3, 2010

Hand-painted Tambourines from Jerusalem by Aline - June 22, 2010




Dove with Menorah_resized

Tambourines on Photo Page

30.00 US Dollars plus postage, ( 20.00 GBP plus postage) more designs available

Be careful what you believe from the Media Reports about Israel!! - June 2, 2010

Well, its hotting up again in Israel, and incomplete biased reports are flooding the airwaves to incite more anger  and anti-semitism, clouding over the true issues in Gaza and other places.  Gaza does need to be freed, it is being held hostasge by the terror actions of hammas; and the palestinains may be suffering, but activists should appeal to the Palestinian "authorities" to take down the Hammas terrorists and regain control of the land from which Israel removed their own who were living their peacefully and handed over to the Arab occupants.  Milllions and billions of aid is coming in for the suffering "palestinians" but is waylayed by the palestinian authorities and used to fuel more violence against israel.   True actividts should be praised for their mercy, and concern, however it is sadly, greatly mis-directed.   The Truth will prevail and  everyone will be held accountable for the attitudes and actions no matter how great or small.  Below you will find links to some telling reports which balance out the propaganda of the media.

(watch the second video on the page of the first link)

Come Join The Dance from family week! - May 5, 2010

Catching Up! - May 4, 2010

Well, once again I have found it a challenge to keep up with the journal amidst all the moving and shaking. We had a great tour in America for 3 months which I wil lshare more about later.

We arrived in the UK last week to a sunny welcome and a surprise. Our 20 year old car had died peacefully in it's sleep during it's winter rest and unfortunately we had to let her go forever! We had a lot of great times and covered a lot of miles in that little Honda Civic Hatchback. She will be missed.

We spent the week searching for a suitable vessel to take on the continued responsibility of carrying us and our load across the highways and byways of the UK and beyond. The chosen replacement was another Honda- though this time bigger and younger to take on the job.

Finally monday we set off in our silver Honda Shuttle/people carrier which gracefully accomodated our sound system, luggage, CDs, art supplies, musical instruments and more! All the while still leaving room for 2 extra passengers beside us. This was impossible before.

She completed her trek from surrey to wales smoothly and comfortably without and problems, and we were blessed with a mostly sunny day in which to travel.

After a couple days of catching up and regrouping in Llanelli we will catch the Car ferry to Ireland where we look forward to seeing what the Father is doing, and will do, there. The CD is getting good feedback from friends and strangers far and wide, and we are waiting to see what kind of a life it will have. We have had tremendous joy listening to it over and over again. As most musicians will tell you- thats a good sign when you like hearing it repeatedly. It's filled with joy and dance, and depth and desire. We are all returning to the root and the beginning, and our Messiah is soon returning to gather His children, and set up His kingdom on this earth.

We are not going out in a straight line across time to things bigger and better, but are following the times and seasons of YHWH to bring us out of this deteriorating world system and back to the garden of communion with Him abiding in His Word. back to Zion!

Enjoy the tracks! Let them speak to your spirit, let them lift you up- because the Father is saying, "Come up Here!" He has sent His sprit to restore all things, and those who have ears to hear, let them hear what He is saying.

We must know the God we serve. YHWH the God of Abraham Isaac, And Jacob. We must know His voice, and His character, and His WORD. It's not hard to see the condition of the world and realize we are probably in the final generation.

Prepare your selves, prepare eachother, invite the hungry, the thirsty, and the poor to your table. Give and not hoard, bless and not curse, worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth.

Shalom, Shalom until the next time.

Soldiers in an Ancient War- By Aline - April 3, 2010

CD Release!! - April 3, 2010

Well it is finally in our hands, and we are so excited. the title is "Returning". Here's the scoop- If you want to buy the actual CD direct from us please "Buy it now" to pay by credit card or through paypal to email address: flyerab@yahoo. Please include your address in the notes space of your payment. The CD costs $15.00 plus $2.00 Postage & Handling within the US. (10.00 GBP plus 2.00 GBP in the UK & Israel). If you live anywhere else please email for shipping, or you can purchase the MP3 downloads and actual CDs from from CDbaby at We hope you enjoy the CD, please write to us with your feedback/comments suggestions. BLESSINGS AND SHALOM!! Aline & Howie
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