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Aline & Howie/ Mishkanim-Messianic Music: News Journal

Rosh Chodeshim - March 18, 2010

We had a great gathering last night here in Culleoka, Tennessee combining Rosh Chodesh and St. Patricks day! Great food, and fellowship, followed by a great music jam covering all kinds of music which included celtic, bluegrass, middle-eastern, R&B. All praise to YWHW and expressions from the lives of those who follow Him. Happy New Year (according to Exodus 12), may this be one filled with righteousness, peace, and joy in the spirit of Holiness!! May the father of lights give you revelation, wisdom and understanding of his ways and times and seasons as we watch events unfold on the world stage.

Please share with us what is happening in your communities. Also we are in the market for a small RV to continue our American tour. please let us know if there is anything out ther we could borrow or buy for a good price.
Blessings and Shalom!!

Preview Tracks - March 16, 2010

Well, if you're on the site you will hear the pre-release tracks which are now being mastered and replicated! We praise Adonai for His faithfulness and grace in our lives which birthed these songs as we gave Him glory. Lots of good praise and we hope it will get your whole family dancing and focusing on our Elohim. Of course you'll want to have the actual CD because the recording quality is better than we hoped for and will sound great in any sound system. Mp3s are convenient, and the tracks will be avaialble for download when they are ready, but the sound quality just doesnt compare. We are now excited to work on CD #2, and to get out there and join in praise with all of you. So please drop us an email and lets gather to praise our creator, the Elohim of Israel! Click on the Music tab and choose the songs under Returning. See you soon, Shalom!!

Homestretch!! - February 25, 2010

Hey!! We are on the last day of recording here in USA. We have been recording 6 hrs a day and practicing another 3+. It has been all consuming of our time and energy and we are looking forward to a little ebb before touring begins. We are very excited about finally getting some of the songs out there. It is full of great acoustic world music and ethnic sounds. Sounds of the nations returning to the father, to the promises, and the land.

Dancer alert!!! THis CD is full of great songs for praise dancing.

We have spent a bit more than anticipated (as most projects) but are happy with the result, and hope it will bless many peoples. Please pray for the final funds to come in for the product, etc. We are looking forward to making the tracks available here on the website, and in other places, as well as CDs.

Thank you all for your continue support through prayers, friendship, finances, and more. We could not have done it without you.

The shofar is resounding across the lands East to West and North to South. It is time to Return to YHWH!!!!

Partly Sunny Florida!! - February 13, 2010

Well, we have arrived in the states and after a few days running to and fro visiting folks and getting a few basics together we have entered the STUDIO!!!
We have 3 tracks in the makings so far and we are excited about the prospect of a really nice finished product of about 9 tracks, though we are being truly challenged. It is surprising us. Recording is such a different story than live performance. More difficult in many ways, but easier in others. The project will be more than we are, if that makes sense. More dimension and expression than can be gotten from a guitar, a bouzouki, and 2 vocals.
It's working title is "Returning". Meanwhile we still hope to set off on our tour as soon as it is completed and uploaded and ready to roll.

I titled this blog, "partly sunny Fl." as the weather has been less than ideal Florida wether over the past few weeks. We're not complaing though, as we are just happy to see the sunshine several days in a row and wear our sandals!

Please send us your encouragements and advice on recording, also donations if anyone feels led as it is costing a bundle. There is a paypal donation link on the "Art and CD's", page or we can give you an address to send a check.

We appreciate your prayers and support as always. We look forward to see you out there and praising Yah together!

Snowy Wales!! - January 16, 2010

It seems like the longest 4 weeks of my life here in snowy, wet, and cold,UK. We arrived from Israel on Dec 21st to Surrey to spend 10 days with family, and attend Howie's Brother's wedding. It was A fairytale event at a georgeous Historic location in Hampshire. A good time to catch up with family and old friends. We are now in Wales where our Elohim has been merciful and we have landed in a very warm, cozy cottage, overlooking the sea. We had hoped to get some official recording done, unfortunately weather and road conditions have kept everything on hold and once again the recording is projected for a future time. I have been writing, painting, and working on a PP presentation for Israel. Howie has been teaching guitar and tying up loose ends of his work so that we can travel.

Even in the coldest winter on record in the UK, we are blessed of YHVH and full of excitement and hope for the father's continued work in our lives as we do our best to be led by His spirit of Holiness, and his glorious Torah. See you all soon! SHalom

Kislev in Israel - December 9, 2009

Well Channukah is only a few days away and we are here in the Galilee lifting up praise and preparing for up-coming travels and engagemnts. New songs are coming forth as well as time of prayer for impending battles on the Northern/Northeastern borders of the land. We participated in several meetings in jerusalem, and then guided a tour of Israel for our friends from Ireland.

It was still warm until a few days ago when the much needed rain began to fall and the temperatures dropped. I've been gathering items I want for painting and bringing back to the UK or USA. I wish I could bring more but the airline luggage restrictions- make it very hard.

We have been well fed by some great Torah teachers lately- Brad Scott, Bill Cloud, and others. Check out God's Learning Channel Knowing the scriptures well will be vital in prospering, surviving, enduring the last days.

Any way, just a deep time of prayer and preparatory work for things that will be kicking off in January. Hope you are all blessed- drop us a line!
We are still hoping to get some final recordin done before kicking off a tour in the USA. So let us know if you have any resources!

More preparation and Diligence - October 26, 2009

Well, we spent some time in a recording studio last week which was vey encouraging. We have a few more sessions to finish the pre-release project.

The autumn is quickly blowing by and the days are getting much cooler. We are working out a schedule for some continued touring in November and December, and then January. We are even considering travelling in an RV (motorhome). If anyone out there has one in US, UK, or Europe, we would love to borrow it for a season, so let us know. We can come for a concert, or worship gathering in your town or "congregation".

We are preparing the music, the message, and our hearts as well! Hope we will see you. Send us an email and invite us to your gathering!!

Get Ready for the King! - October 10, 2009

We had some strong prayer meetings in Ireland and recieved some visions and words for Cork which we feel apply to other nations at the moment. especially Europe, but really worldwide.

We heard very strongly the parable (Mattiyahu 22 (Matthew) Messiah told about the Kingdom of Elohim being likened to the King who made a marriage for his son and sent his servants to invite folks to the wedding feast.

We felt that we are now in a season of the either the first or the second invitation that went out through the land(s), and that believers now have a chance to accept the invitation and prepare themselves (obtain the proper "garments") to attend the wedding. If they dont respond, or respond inappropriately. the invitaton will go out to anyone who will come!!! You know, the highways and byways.

Its time to wake up from the dumming dowm of worldy activities, entertainment, and a lack of of true understanding of the scriptures, or many will find themselves absent from the feast, and or without the proper "garments".

It cant be emphasised enough- people are unprepared, lost in religious activities and missing what the father is saying and doing in the this hour.
There is a pittiful lack of discernment, and soberness regarding thetimes we are living in. There is an attachment to the traditions of men which have nothing to do with how YHWH wishes to be served or worshipped. There is a lack of deep and true understanding of the scriptures- which in the end will cause people to perish. There is a lack of support for Israel, the people and the land.

Many are in deception which will lead them to accept the false messiah when he comes! Repentance must come.

Too serious foryou? Read the scriptures. Watch the signs, seek the LORD.

Another word we had strongly was the parable of the 10 virgins, also related to the wedding feast.

Time to grow up and carry out the works which have been prepared for us from the foundations of the earth. It is a glorious time to be serving the Father and following our Messiah.

Face Lift for - October 10, 2009

If you are a regular visitor, you can see we have changed our look a bit, and will be doing more to the site in the coming months, as we get linked in with different folks and have more music and art avaialble. Let us know what you think. We love receiving mail from friends and family, and new friends!

Shabat Walk - October 10, 2009

Sorry to leave you earlier. We were going out for a walk in the sunny weather which is rare here in Wales, especially this time of year. Walked along the beach today with a few cat naps in the sun along the way!

Ireland was a delight for us. we played some great engagements and saw beautiful countryside. We wanted to stay. We found some great families who love and support Israel, keep shabat and study the Scriptures (Torah). Praise YHWH. We know we will visit Ireland many times in the future.

Recording is still on the frontier for us, now it is just a matter of where. We thought we might use the studio here to run some good demos that could be used for long-distance production with a full size studio elsewhere. Perhaps Nashville, or Israel. We are praying about how the next 6 mos will look and in which country they will be spent. Please ontinue to pray with and for us. AS always we long to be in eretz Yisrael, and know that the day is coming when we can be there more long term.

We are really flowing well in spontaneous these days and are succeeding in leading others gently "off the page". Even have some new songs (structured) coming forth, both praise and crossover. So, we are well and lookingforward with joy to the next wave of what the father has in store for us. We are anxious to go to the nations in a greater way and are looking for a great release as soon as we get these recordings finished.

Back From Ireland, What Next? - October 1, 2009

The Emerald Isle lived up to it's reputation for us during three weeks of unseasonably warm and sunny weather in September. It was glorious, inspiring, green and lush. We saw plenty of sights between music engagments travelling all the way from Coleraine in the North to the Ring of Kerry ( zoom in on the map link below). We also cut across the middle from Drogheda to Athlone. Gotta run, will tell more later!;=&hnear=Ireland&gl=uk&ei=plDQSoGaOtOMjAfKhrH1Aw&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=image&resnum=1&ved=0CBEQ8gEwAA

The Summer in Wales - August 21, 2009

Well, here we are in llanelli wales again! What a great summer it has been so far. Guests from Israel, Guests from USA, and now guest from all over at the Celebration for the Nations. We led many session and partnered with some great musicians from around the world for 10 days of worship and fellowship together. followed by another week of outreach and placements around the globe. If you click this link and select July 21 1st videos you will get a taster of one session held in the outdoor gazebo of the town. It was a huge blessing and now we are down to the business of "normal" life here by the sea. I'm not sure what normal is! We are searching for our UK base here and hoping to tie up some uk visa issues during this season so that we are free to return to Israel and the rest of the world!

We have also finally connected with a studio and some musicians who we are confident can contribute to the recording. We will move forward by faith.

Oh and there is a new sample of music on the music page and in the juke box on the front page. We quickly recorded it to test the studio. Check it out, also a song call the Pearl which I dug out of the archives.

We've just entered into the month of Elul- the time in the Hebrew calendar where we look at the past year and allow Elohim to show us where we have missed the mark. We enter into a real season of repentance and preparation for the fall feasts of YHWH, which foreshadow His soon return. Join us in celebrating the feasts of YHWH.

Back in the Land of Revivals - May 30, 2009

We arrived in London on May 19th, just in time for a George Family walk on Sunday. It was a glorious, sunny day. 14 members of Howie's family gathered for a scenic walk along the canal ways in the Surrey countryside and then a nice al fresco lunch at a pub along the waterside. After a couple days of re-uniting with family and all our stored belongings we headed off to Wales. This year we landed as in 2007 at PontyGafel Farm in Pembrokeshire and the Preseli mountains. ( Where we can work together with our friends Sue and Kevin Burke in the local "harvest". This year we are considering building a little house here near the forthcoming eco-village.

A Treking Tale to Tell - March 5, 2009

What a great adventure. 2 days in a tent on the beach in Eilat where we met many travelers, and bumped into friends from Tiberias. Then five days of strenuous hiking with 130 people. Check out the photos page!!

Howie enjoyed snorkeling the reef in Eilat even though the water was a bit chili. As it turns out I didn’t even have to get in the water to see some colorful fish as they came right to the shoreline to see me (see photos).

Other hikers began arriving Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, we were surrounded by dreadlocks and foreign accents from the nations. German, Dutch, Israeli, English, American, etc. With great enthusiasm we headed off to begin the 900 Km journey starting at the Taba Border Crossing. When we arrived at the entrance to the I.N.T. I saw that we would spend most of the day going up-hill. Without Howie’s encouragement and help, as well as the adrenaline of the crowd, I could have easily quit. It was so hard for me. My lungs were struggling and I realized though I do a work out a few times a week, I was well out of shape. It was a long first day, windy and cold high up in the Eilat mountains. At some points there were sheer drop offs on either side of the trail which made me quite nervous. We covered only 12 Km that day. When we arrived at the camp night was falling and I was freezing. We threw up our tent and got in to get warm.
We had played some music and had some good jams on the beach in Eilat, as well as leading some worship in the Shelter Youth Hostel on the Shabat before we set off. But the there was no music tonight, no socializing, nothing, Just warmth, and rest, (though not very good sleep!).

Hitting the Dusty Trail - February 25, 2009

Howies gone to pick up the rental car in Jerusalem, and I am finishing some orders for art pieces. Our gear is packed, and we will head out today. We will camp out at EnGedi tonight then head down to Eilat on Thursday. I am looking forward to the trek but also wondering about some logistics. I hope to burn a zillion calories and drop a few kilos!!

Rain, Rain, Rain! - February 20, 2009

Thank HaShem for the rain.

Vine Dressers in the Very Heart of Israel - February 19, 2009

High upon the mount of blessing we worked, almost in silence yesterday, our first day pruning the vines for this coming Autumn harvest of Grapes in Samaria. The sunshine was occasional as the winds increased in preparation for the coming rain, an event which is celebrated in these dry times in Israel. It was surreal in some ways, but very real in our hands as we carefully followed the instructions of the "expert" taking great care to ensure maximum fruit for this season and the seasons to come. I found it to be very focused work, but not stressful. Then we came down off the mount, slipped off our muddy boots, and feasted at the home of the vineyard owner. The delicious meal, prepared by him, included a taste of the delightful 2007 Heartlander Wine which the LORD had brought forth prior to the year of rest for the land. A Slightly sweet but strong, dry Cabernet that along with the couscous, schnitzel, and humous left us in a blissful though weary state. We loaded up the crew for an afternoon mini-tour of the surrrounding area- Shechem, and a Samaritan Village, near where the Israelites made their "covenant" with the land. Even through the cold biting wind, we were engrossed in the rich history of the territory. Its really enjoyable to get to know the team brought together from many parts of the US. Seattle, Pennsylvania, Florida, TN, Michigan, Alabama- a collection of fine, hard working folks.

Getting Ready for the Trek! - February 15, 2009

I ran to the post office on friday excited to collect the latest addition to our camping/hiking "kits". Alas there was a mile-long que and closing was in 30 minutes! it would have to wait until Sunday. I spent hours the weeks previous researching water bottle filters for hiking- finally settling on the silver -ionized filters from a company in Australia through Ebay. We now have sleeping bags, thermarests (plus one chair kit), hammocks (one with mosquito netting), water filters, a tent and packs. all I need is some good wool undergarments for the cold dessert nights! We will set off next Thursday for the first leg of our hike along the Israel National Trail. A musician friend of ours is coming around for shabat and the weekend- hopefully well have an inspiring time!!

Mandolin Man - February 13, 2009

Today was howie's first landmark skype mandolin lesson via the internet. He and his student in Wales could function via the web cam and file transfer. It was a bit bumpy because of their limited computer savy, but it proved to be a good plan once they get their flow. Hope fully he can develope some more students from around the world!! so he can teach anywhere.

Miles, and Miles! - August 5, 2008

Its now August 4th, and since I cant apologize for another long silence, I wont! Its just the way things are. Since February I have recovered from a long respiratory illness, been to Wales, toured Korea, Back to Israel, then Dubai, and now back in Wales for what we hope will be a fruitful ebb, and a preparation for another wave of world travel in 2009. Still no CD- sadly, but hopes that during this season we can accomplish that as well. So many amazing stories, and amazing moments in our travel and at home. Looks like we will head to the US in December for several weeks, so invite us to your place!! Shalom, Shalom!

Too Long Silent - February 23, 2008

Hey! my deepest apologies for being silent. We have made it through the Israel winter- halff season in Jerusalem then in the North. We visited several hospitals, spent a day in Sderot, and have since re-planted in the Galilee. We were up to 6 days a week playing/praising in Jerusalem for 4 months. Looks like we are heading to London in mid March, then possibly onto Korea for a tour. How exciting! Never thought I would go to Asia but it is looking that way. It has been an incredible time in Israel this year, and once again we are sad to leave- but we have been invited to play the Jacob's Ladder Folk Festival in May- (along wit hsome other venues) so we will return! At this point our summer will be spent touring and abiding in the UK. So if your out there and you would like to book us for your gathering or cafe- please contact us. We are also looking forward to visiting Europe this summer- So give us a call.

until next time- Oh yeah please lift up the recording issue- and make a donation if you can to our recording fund!


Still in Crescendo and the First Rains! - October 21, 2007

The Week of Succot has come and gone but we are in a crescendo of violent praise unto the Elohim of Israel and another week filled with delights, challenges. Shamefully it has been days since my last blog.
Since then we have covered a lot of territory and sung thousands of songs.
We have explored some significant places, and made our first journey to the temple mount. It was magnificent!! We could just imagine days of old when the people gathered there for worship and for fellowship in the faith. We also walked the boundary lines of the original City that David built.
We continue to enjoy many discussions with the people of Israel. War seems imminent, though we are not bothered by it. If we are sent by Elohim then whatever happens to us here is allowed by Him. We are doing our best to walk in wisdom, and move according to His direction in all of our activities. There is much activity currently by the government refining the immigration laws, and the law of return. I would hope one day to make Aliyah. But Elohim is clear in the scriptures that He will bring His people back to the land He gave them

Our young friend from the north, an Israeli soldier, came to stay with us for a night. We worked on 3 new songs and really flowed musically. He is a gifted young musician. We look forward to writing and playing together more with him and other young people like him.

This week I have been Ill with the flu, and resting mostly. Howie retunrs from London on the 4th. Then we will be ready for the next wave and recording. Last night I heard an excellent drummer, needs a little refining but excellent in skill. We may contact him after Howies return. We are now up to 4 or more watches in the week, and loads of other playing.

the first rains also came on the evening Howie left for London.

Festival by the Sea of Galilee! - October 7, 2007

On Sunday we returned by bus from the Bereshit festival on the galilee. It was an eventful weekend. We played 6 sets of music in three days, and talked with scores of young folks. They seem to really like the music and it also makes them think- about God, and their future. They are hungry for something deeply spiritual that they can hold onto- have faith in. Something real. The Elohim of Israel is real!

It was quite hot, so sleeping bags were completely moot. We swam frequently between music sets and meals. thoroughly enjoy the excellent sound system and Yair the excellent sound man. Thanks a bunch. After the festival packed up we spent an extra evening on the beach. We moved our tent right up to the shore under a nice little tree - we fell asleep and awoke with an incredible refreshing wind moving through our "home" away from home. We wandered over to the 24 hr reggae bar for some eats and ran into a young friend Nataniel who we met last year at the same festival. He's in the army now, stationed at Ramallah of all places. Defientely growing up. we pray for him and the others we have met during this past year, fortheir protection and that they will turn to God fully.

In other news we enjoyed the festivities of Tabernacles in Jerusalem- taking on worship watches almost every day this week. Our voices are getting stronger and our playing also. Great preparation for recording.
OK, I am sure I am forgetting something but, IF you really wantto experience life in Israel- come on over!! bless the Land- bless the people.

Back on the Blog - September 23, 2007

Hey, sorry, I checked out for a couple days. After three days of walking my hip was throbbing. All through the nightwatch I had to keep lying down in great pain. It was a bit of a long night for me but still strong on the spirit. Howie thrived! many prayers, songs, and prophecies came forth on behalf of Israel and her people. 8 hours later as we watched the glorious orange sun rise in the east, the other faithful prayer warriors laid hands on me and prayed for a speedy healing. We walked home ( I hobbled ) and crawled into bed just before 6:30 am. We slept sound until around 11 am and both felt we needed to get up. I dont remember much about Thursday and Friday though I am sure something happened. Oh yeah! We wrote a second song. By the end of the next day my hip felt completely normal again.

Friday was erev Yom Kippur and we had our shabbat meal with some friends, prayed, and then entered into the fast of Yom Kippur. The entire city was shut down, including all traffic. Even the majority of the non jewish population honour the holy day, some out of fear of stones being thrown at their businesses and vehicles by the ultra orthdox Jews- but most, I hope, out of respect. Children and families leisurely played and strolled in the barren streets. We saw only three or four moving cars the entire 24 hour period. During the day I also ventured out into the empty roads and walked for a couple hours through lovely neighbourhoods smiling and greeting families. We studied quite a bit about the meaning behind this day and the symbolism which so clearly outline the work of Yeshua and His atoning blood sacrifice for us, as our high priest. We are amazed daily at the presence of Yeshua in the Tenach. All the scriptures he fulfilled and how there could be no other mashiach. Wow, we are so grateful to have found the truth- Yeshua ben Elohim chaim.

We’ve been offered accommodations through march and possibly beyond if we desire. We will have to pray and hear God’s will. Today we were also given a special new microphone for recording. The favor of the Lord continues to be evident in our endeavours. Praise Him, may he be glorified. We will spend the next few days continuing in our prayer watches and preparing for the up-coming bereshith festival “performances”. We could use a car for the weekend but the budget is tight- so lift up a prayer for us!!
Blessings until the next blog- We have another all night prayer watch tonight. Will do some shopping and try to get a hairrcut tomorrow.

Shalom, Shalom! Chag Sameach!

All Nighter - September 20, 2007

I'm quite tired this morning after an all night prqyer watch. Will fill you in tomorrow
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