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Aline & Howie/ Mishkanim-Messianic Music: News Journal

An Enjoyable Goose Chase - September 19, 2007

At dusk we embarked on a journey to new territory, around the city walls to the Mt of Olives. We walked half way and then hailed a cab at the foot of it. The hungry driver, a Muslim who had been fasting for Ramadan, gave us a good price since he was in a hurry to get home for his evening meal. By the time he let us out at the top, twilight was fast approaching, and without clear direction or the exact location of the special prayer meeting our companion had heard about, our adventure continued on foot into the recesses of the community. The streets were hauntingly void of people and traffic due to the evening meal. We felt quite free, making our way without trepidation, overcoming one obstacle after another, bad directions, wrong turns, uphill climbs and dead ends. We never found the “goose”, but the cool evening air and the grace filled companionship seemed a prayer in itself. As the community began to emerge from its mealtime we hopped a shirout at the corner market and found our selves in the flow of a massive exodus out of homes and towards a nightly prayer meeting of an entirely different nature. Exiting the shirout we walked a bit and entered the Damascus gate, still in a fast moving stream of Muslims heading for the great mosk. We seemed almost invisible to them, even though we were obviously not “with” them. As that streamed flowed into a restricted area, we were routed in the other direction and made our way through the labyrinth of the souk, where only a smattering of shops were still open, finally trickling out at the Jaffa gate. Still no “goose”, bit a lovely bit of Turkish delight along the way.

Talk about a multi leg journey, this was a centipede! After a text from a friend, we hitched a cab from Jaffa gate to Ben Yehuda Street where my spirit said “ahh” and my heart leaped and twirled in a little victory dance. We met up with a friend for a cool beverage and a snack, chatted for a bit and then I started to feel the effects of long day and a lot of “travel”. I had visions of my warm comfortable bed. Sorry, one more leg! “hey, lets stop in at Succat Hallel,” our companion said. We obliged again and the final cab carried us to the Mt. Zion Hotel. We survey the activities at the prayer center and agreed the “goose” had eluded us and our evening was really finished. Another short walk back to the flat, a quick bowl of cereal and then my head hit the pillow.

On the Ramparts of the City Wall - September 18, 2007

Yesterday I walked for hours, first from Mt Zion to Jaffa Gate, and then for 16 shekels I gained entry to the ramparts of the great stone walls of Yerushalayim. The sun was hot, but somehow kind to me. I felt such a sense of freedom and purpose, while joy and praise were in my heart as I surveyed "my fathers house“. As I made my way up, down and around, I could see in and out of the city- Arabs, Jews, and many other ethnic residents, young and old, the smells, (good and bad), the markets, and the colours. In some areas I had a grieving because of the trash and lack of care for this special place. After a time I came around a remote bend where I encountered some mischievous Arab youth who had climbed over the barriers onto the ramparts. They playfully detained me for a bit, and I snapped their photo, sadly they were trying to “touch” me and I had to gently rebuke them. I prayed for their souls and I scurried away, and continued around the city. Upon arriving at the corner which approaches the dome of the rock, I was unable to continue because of a barricade there. There were no instructions on how to proceed, and as a female alone I dared not expose my vulnerability. I descended at the nearest exit, and made my way through the Arab quarter at city level and up through the busy souk to return to the Jaffa gate and make my way back to our flat on Mt. Zion.

I guess I could use some feedback on this blogging thing, so If I am giving too much detail or not enough emotion, I don’t know. I just know I could write for hours. I haven’t written much for a long time. Now I feel a fountain has been opened. It’s a good thing for me I know, as I have been procrastinating a screen play that I started a couple years ago, and hope this will lead into a flow of that as well. Good for me maybe too much for you- reader.

Last night was our first official watch over the city as spiritual watchmen. Seemed quite fitting after a day on the ramparts. Arriving at 5:45 pm we caught the last few minutes of the Spanish team, and were refreshed by the spirit. We decided to go unplugged, and though it was a strain on the vocals the anointing carried us through two hours of praise, prayers, prophetic intercession, with others joining in an releasing timely words of scripture.

We stumbled here and there, but all in all we feel God was glorified and that we received understanding of what He is saying to His people in this hour.

It has never been more of a time to “make ourselves ready”. To submit to his refining fire and be fashioned into vessels and tools for His purposes, hidden in His righteousness. This will be our lifeline and protection in the coming persecutions. It will be difficult to stand when the enemy comes if we have not allowed ourselves to be purified and refined in our character, increasing in faith, discernment, and perseverance.

The feedback from others in our watch was favourable. We will continue to press in to the flow of what the Spirit really wants from us in this situation.
We stayed on for the later watch and were refreshed again by the spirit and His presence in the corporate worship.

This morning was our first test of faith in our situation. The shared accommodation of our travelling companion was in jeopardy. Doubt came rushing in, and almost panic. We gathered ourselves together, reminded ourselves who had brought us together as a team, and believed He wanted us to work side by side daily- praying and working, learning and growing in faith. I began to pray fervently in the spirit, for Gods sovereign will and intervention, to thwart any plan of the dark realm to separate us and push us out. We prayed for everyone involved in the situation and continued moving in acts of faith as the day went on, believing for the victory. By noon we had received word of the victory!!!! When you know you are in Gods will- it is easier to stand in faith- but with humility knowing and trusting He will work it all out even if it takes a little time and suffering to get there! We remain intact as a team and rejoice in Gods faithfulness to us as His children.

Tomorrow (weds) we will engage in an all night prayer watch. I will share more about what we feel heaven is saying in this hour. Shalom, shalom.

P.S. praise the Lord for Houmous!!

Return to Jerusalem - September 16, 2007

Yesterday, a song was bubbling in my spirit. I sat down with my Seagull guitar to see what would come forth and was blessed a couple hours later with a composition of high praise unto our creator. I hadnt written anything on my own since "O Jerusalem" back in February. I had written lyrics and melody with some grooves Howie had been flowing on, but this was special after only 4 days in Jerusalem. "Hadassah's Song: Before the King", a direct commmuncation to the Most High and entreating of Him for His favor and mercy. It seems as though times are coming upon us soon which will require much fullness of His grace, wisdom and discernment in the Ruah ha Kodesh. In the shadow of significant world events, we are on the verge of massive recording efforts, we probably have 2-3 CDs worth of material that is ready. We havent been able to pull it together before now, but perhaps Jerusaelm is the place. Today we made our way on foot from Mt. Zion, to King George Street and then onto Yaffa Street, where we spent a delightful day enjoying the sights, sounds and tastes of Jerusalem. I have never felt so at home in a city before. I picked up some fresh olives and produce in the open air market. The sun was glorious, the air fresh, and the breeze a refreshing balance to the heat. We must have walked 5 or 6 miles in all. I havent really blogged before, but I am enjoying this and wonder who will really want to read about a Sephardic singer and her Irish Husband, writing songs on Mt. Zion and around the Globe!!
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