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Aline & Howie/ Mishkanim-Messianic Music: Products: CD's & Art

Long Awaited "Highways & Byways" - CD


The long awaited new release by Aline & Howie of Mishkanim is now Available! For CD use buy it now, or add to cart. Digital downloads coming soon.


CD- "Into the Deep" (Remastered) 15.00 plus shipping - Free flowing deep worship!



CD "Redemption" $15.00 plus shipping - CD



CD "Restoration" $15.00 plus shipping - CD




"Returning" $15.00 plus shipping - CD



CD- "Retornando" EspaƱol $15.00 plus shipping - CD



CD Combinations! - CD's

into_the_deep_outside_cover_large_-_Copy_resized.jpg    Restoration_CD_cover_front_only.jpg    Outside_Returning_-_Copy_resized.jpg     Redemption_front_cover.jpg    spanish_songbook_cover_front_image_resized.jpg    aline_andHowie_cover_resized.jpg


Songbooks $5.00

Redemption_songbook_cover.jpgRestoration Songbook cover Retornando_Songbook_cover_resized.jpgreturning_songbook_cover_resized.jpg 

 Lyrics and chords from the CD's  "Restoration", Returning", "Retornando", and "Redemption"

Which one?
Which one?

The Flutterby Cafe - Paperback, Audio CD Set, MP3 downloads

Front cover of The Flutterby Cafe by Aline A Novel for families and Children a Story for children and families written and narrated by Aline of Mishkanim.     visit

The Flutterby Café blends fairytale and family values just like the classics. It is the amusing and colorful adventure of young Lilyan who, convinced by her friend Katy, flies too high and too far on her first day as a Flutterby, leaving herself lost in the forest. As she embarks on the long and somewhat perilous journey back to the ephemeral city of Lepidoptera.  She encounters such characters as Selene the Lunar Moth, Idomenious the Great Horned Owl, and Scorch the fire-breathing Dragonfly!  The Trusted GoodBees are on a search and rescue mission to find her and bring her home safely to friends at the Flutterby Café.  Meanwhile she is distracted and enchanted by her dreams of Prince Daneus.  She knows he is dreaming of her, and it is only a matter of time before they meet outside their dreams.                                                    


hand painted tambourines $45.00 - $55.00 - Aline's

hand painted tambourine with menora dove, bright blue, with goldReduced_sized_for_uploading.JPG_resizedhand painted celtic tambourine with harp vine green copper gold bluealeph tav tambourinesDove with Menorah_resizedhand painted tambourine with menora dove, deep purple with gold copper bright blue dove vines tambourine 1new tambourinesshabbat shalom tambourinepraise YHWH in the dance tambourinespecial order tambourine for Olove Branch Congregation

Hand painted Tambourines from Aline.  The above tambourines are just samples, the available inventory changes so quickly that unless you would like me to reproduce one of these specifically, you will have to email me for avail, designs.  

specify design and color
specify design and color

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